Success in Business: Setting Goals


There are two ways of dealing with the signs of the times. It can feel very natural to merge into a simply satisfying routine or to lead with passion and direct action. The ladder is the path for a success seeker in business. If a career in business is how you wish to make productive changes in your community then setting goals is the perfect way to start this adventure.

In order to succeed in business, one must think about what personal quantitative goals they plan to achieve. These are goals that are inspiring, realistic, and timely. Think about what precise point you want to be standing on in your map of success and then decide what tactics are going to be necessary to get there. After brainstorming and identifying what goals you want to target, you must make these goals specific. Let’s call this the decision making process.

The decision making process involves categorizing your goalsinchronological order that makes sense to you. There is something very powerful about making a choice and perpetually sticking to it like a tattoo. Think of your luckiest number below 10 and come up with that many inspiring, realistic, and timelygoals. Write them down everywhere. Get comfortable with them. Most importantly, commit to them.

Commitment puts a stamp on your goals and the decision to commit is deciding to lick that stamp. Lead with choice and don’t be afraid to take risks. Fear has no place in the world of business. Fear of losing will can clutter a mind at work. Successful people are fearless and that is a personality trait that you must commit to and use while networking.  

We live in a social media driven world. It is natural to care about what others think of you and finding success in business means recognizing what people you want to be in your business. These people are your audience when you decide to make these inspiring, realistic, and timelygoals public. Advertise your business publicly for this specific audience and watch networking opportunities evolve.

As opportunities are evolving, you will have a new lens that you see your business through. Creating quantitative goals that are inspiring, realistic, and timely on your own deadlines is the definition of perseverance. With perseverance anyone can find success in business.

Article by Andi Manakdan 

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