Brand Building

How do my current customer view my brand?

How do your current customers view your brand? Are you monitoring customer feedback in a way that will give your brand the needed knowledge of the experiences shared by your customers. Make sure that if you are not able to confidently speak on behalf of your customers that you make that a topic of conversation in your next marketing meeting . Survey Monkey or Google Forms are great tools for getting feedback from your current clients.

Do my employees align with my brand?

Your employees are your brand. Every time a customer interacts with an employee it is a reflection on your brand. Hence, it is crucial that your employees are on the same page in regards to your brand strategy. Periodically quizzing your employees on brand strategies, and procedures will reassure you. 

What makes my brand unique?

It's important that your brand is unique in some form. Today's market is not the nicest to those who sell average products to average people. If you are going to have a successful brand you must identify you unique niche and recognize your valuable position. Once you’ve identified what makes your brand stand out, your brand’s messaging acts as a megaphone to let your customers know who you are and why you’re worth considering.

Is my brand consistent?

This one is pretty simple, is my brand messaging and image consistent? A quick evaluation of your current marketing materials will show you how successful your brand has been in keep a consistent message for your current and potential customers.

What’s my brand’s Big Idea?

The “Big Idea” serves as your brand’s guiding principle, your implicit brand promise, your competitive advantage, and more. The Big Idea will guide you in every aspect of your brand strategy, from new website development to customer interfacing. So, what is your brand’s big idea?


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