Public Relations (PR)

Can I Afford PR?

Think you cant afford PR? People often think of PR as simply too expensive. Public Relationships includes a wide range of services and hiring a PR professional can be more efficient and effective. If you're seeking help marketing your services or getting in front the right audience, then our PR services is not only an affordable option, it's a necessary one. Visit our services page to see the range of services provided.

What exactly does your agency do?

We at TheAfter, LLC have a wide range of skills and a broad knowledge base. The brand managers at TheAfter are dedicated to connecting to consumers, developing brands, and educating clients. From creative direction and fundraising to website development and social media we focus on telling a compelling story about you.

What can TheAfter, LLC do for my business?

TheAfter, LLC has developed meaningful connections with publications, media, and influencers to help gain exposure and awareness. Whether we are planning a corporate event or launching a small business into the market place, we take the time to understand your story and your vision.

So, can you help me create a webpage and logos as well?

Yes! We have expert web designers and developers that can help build you a website from scratch, or configure and optimize it. Our talented graphic artists will assist you in the creative process to develop a logo that tell your story.

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