What is a good logo?

When creating a logo it is important to first think simple. Simplicity is key when developing a memorable and lasting logo design. Without being overdrawn or complicated a simple logo can have unique elements. Those unique elements will make your logo memorable. Having a memorable logo will assist the success of your business. 

Along with being simple and memorable your logo must stand the test of time. Think about your design and how it will fare 10, 20, 100 years from now. Your business is your legacy, your logo being its mark. Versatility is a noted characteristic of a good logo. Not only does your logo need to be versatile in style but in its formatting as well. It is very important that your logo work with various mediums and across numerous applications. Putting your logo in vector format will assure that your logo is able to be scaled to any size without compromising quality. 

Lastly a log must be appropriate. Your logo must appeal to your intended customer. Consider you are designing a logo for a children's video store. You would want the font or image to be appealing to children of a certain age group.

A good logo takes time and thought to develop. When you design your next logo make sure you consider all the aspects of a good logo.   

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