What is TheAfter, LLC

TheAfter is a Brand Agency. We specialize in website design/development and social media management. Although we are a for-profit brand agency we are determined to support growth and prosperity in our community. Check out all that we offer HERE.

Our Mission

It is important to us that the our community be educated on culture and diversity and its impact on society. We feel the best vehicle to educating our community on culture is art. Through showcases, electronic media, student classes and much more we are fulfilling our purpose of being cultural educators.

Living up to our commitment of being facilitators of financial resilience we will create a platform for artists to sell and showcase their work. We help to brand and promote artists and their products. 

We also help artists to develop skills as business persons. We have created programs that helps artists generate a revenue stream for themselves, in turn are expanding the job market and boosting our local economy. 

We are dedicated to serving our community by supporting the growth of art in our city.

Our Vision

Part of our mission is to bridge the gap between local professional artists and local consumers. By making the connection we hope to raise the average yearly wage of artists in Omaha, NE. We are also dedicated to education and social development. TheAfter serves as a platform for societal growth. We sponsor events and entertainment that encourages peaceful interactions and practical wisdom. We hope that our efforts will play a vital role in helping  to eliminate social injustice. 

Core Values

Economic Growth: By strategically connecting producers to the consumers we create a constant stream of revenue for the artist. By doing so we are succeeding in helping the community of artists in our city become financially stable. 

Cultural Education: By sponsoring student classes and hosting art events we continue to educate our community on many different cultures. We educate our community on culture and diversity through art, music, cuisine, fashion design, and much more! 

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