Unaware of Opportunities

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Unaware of Opportunities

Many people in numerous communities around the world don't have access to life's necessities. The lack of food, water and shelter plague our planet. Although there are many organizations working to address those issues, we still need to improve. Our team is passionate about the well being and future development of our community. Although we are not activist for change we want to play are part in connecting resources to those who need them. We love technology and we see the impact it has on every aspect of modern life. 

The technology market is growing so rapidly that there are more than 627,00 unfilled positions according to USA Today.  Although the tech job market is expanding there are still individual who don't know or do not have access to these opportunities. That is why we are hosting a conference to inform the public about all of the organizations and business professionals in our area that are there to support the growth of tech professionals. We will inspire those in attendance to utilize the tools and resources available to them to better themselves and their communities. Those present will be able to learn how to get free access to some of the most advanced software and hardware, organizations with free tech education and training, open tech jobs in Omaha, and much more.

We are excited to bring together so many STEM community leaders and supporters to first annual I Love Tech - Conference and Technology expo. This event will expose those interested to STEM job opportunities in our city as well as resources and organizations available to support them. This event is geared toward supporting youth ages 12-18. All are welcome. We are excited to bring technology, education, and development under the same roof in an all new way. 

We hope to see you all there. To register just keep scrolling!


I Love Tech

Conference and Technology Expo

August 10, 2018

AIM Institute

1905 Harney St, Omaha NE, 68106