Our Mission

In an effort to support artists in our community, TheAfter is sponsoring a month of giving, engagement, learning and entertainment. 

March 2017 will be dedicated to supplying artists with the tools and resources they need to be successful. We will sponsor student classes, fundraise on behalf of artists, and  host art/music events to celebrate our progress and showcase artists work and talents. 

Because we want to showcase the amazing work being done by women in our community we are dedicating the first week of activity to women artists and business owners. 

We encourage all artists to participate.

Core Values

Economic Growth: By strategically connecting producers to the consumers we create a constant stream of revenue for the artist. By doing so we are succeeding in helping the community of artists in our city become financially stable. 

Cultural Education: By sponsoring student classes and hosting art events we continue to educate our community on many different cultures. We educate our community on culture and diversity through art, music, cuisine, fashion design, and much more! 

How you can help

Do you own a business? Are you an artist? We want to fill the entire month of March with events that will benefit artists and engage the community. 

What we need:

  • Student Classes
    • Art
    • Music
    • Business 
  • Music/Art Events
    • Concerts
    • Art Shows
    • Fundraisers
  • Fundraising Locations

We could use your support. Please fill out the form below and tells us how you want to help! 

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